About Us

Nail IT Spa first launched in Kuwait by March 2010; launching its first branch in Plaza Mall, followed by two branches in Al Rayya and Cube Mall. Nail IT's main aim is to create a new era of nails and beauty treatments in Kuwait. We love to provide our customers with the perfect pampering services and stay up to date with every new creation in the beauty world. We wouldn’t have achieved customer satisfaction if we haven’t invested in our staff and technicians; we train them in a very professional environment seeking perfection and fulfillment.


After the success of Nail IT in Kuwait, we started launching our own beauty products that reflect the perfection that we try to seek. Our first product was our mink lashes that can be used daily, followed by a makeup palette that makes mixing a fun job; after the success of our daily mink lashes, we thought that 3D lashes are a must; we then launched our 3D lashes that are suitable for more dramatic looks and our latest products were the two type lash glues; for sensitive eyes and a waterproof version.


Our Logo

If you look closely at our logo, interior designs and posters; you would notice that we are very consistent using the following shapes: butterflies, circles, and flowers. These three shapes were inspired by the owners love to the famous ‘Suad Husni’. We picked up these shapes and added to them, 3 beautiful blue shades to come up with our creative logo.